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Every job site and event requires toilets. Certain situations, such as remote environments, rely on mobile solutions. While porta-potties are an option, they aren’t always the best choice. At Linked Equipment, we offer the cost-effective, customizable and superior alternative of shipping container bathrooms. Our structures are modified off-site and arrive outfitted with restroom essentials. From running water and plumbing to climate control, ventilation and lighting, you can add amenities to create the ideal indoor bathroom

Shipping Container Toilets, Tiny Home Toilets & Modular Home Toilets

Along with better comfort and hygiene, our shipping containers are constructed of weather-resistant, high-grade and wonderfully versatile steel. They are built to withstand the elements and deliver long-term durability. We tailor the shipping container bathroom to your specifications and deliver to your location with quick turnaround. Plus, our shipping containers are easy to install and portable.

Shipping Container Toilets with Linked Equipment

Linked Equipment provides turnkey products for a wide variety of purposes. Our shipping container toilets include flushable toilets, sinks with running water and can be outfitted with extra such as showers and lockers. Unlike porta-potties, waste isn’t collected in a vat. Shipping containers also utilize ventilation rather than antibacterial liquid, significantly reducing concerns with foul odors. There are drains, slip-resistant floors and easy-to-clean surfaces. Waste doesn’t need to be pumped. Rather than ongoing rent, purchase a shipping container toilet from Linked Equipment and appreciate far better return on investment!

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Modular Home Toilets, Shipping Container Toilets & Tiny Home Toilets

Modular Home ToiletsTiny Home ToiletsShipping Container Toilets