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Working from home offers all sorts of conveniences and benefits. However, a designated work space is necessary to promote productivity and prevent work responsibilities from spilling into free time. A shipping container backyard office provides an affordable and customizable solution. When you reach out to Linked Equipment, we tailor specs and features of the space to your exact needs, ship nationwide and deliver quick turnaround time.

Benefits of a Modular Backyard Office

Shipping container offices take up less space than a traditional building, use less energy and reduce carbon footprint and utility costs. They are constructed to withstand the elements and provide exceptional durability and long lifespan. Just like the container can be dropped right on your chosen spot, it can be picked up, relocated and reused. Explore the many options and convenient perks by getting in touch with Linked Equipment. Get your turnkey office without hassle or delays.

Design Your Backyard Office Space With Linked Equipment

Linked Equipment creates perfect and unique facilities for living, working, storage, retail space and more, all from shipping containers. Our finished products include everything you’d like for your backyard office. Heating and cooling to keep comfortable, electricity, windows for natural light, ventilation, bathroom facilities and so much more are easily incorporated. Our experienced professionals guide you through every stage of design, making it easy to achieve your ideal end result.

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