For a creative, cost-effective and customizable retail space, get in touch with Linked Equipment. Our shipping container storefronts significantly reduce setup time, effort, and overhead. Portable, secure, and easily modified to your needs, our mobile solutions are ideal for a pop-up shop or any type of market space. The opportunities are nearly limitless, and we’re happy to assist with design.

Modular Storefront Solutions

Our modular storefront options eliminate stumbling blocks, getting your operation up and running quickly and within budget. Unlike a traditional store or retail space, a portable container can be easily relocated to reach customers at festivals, trade shows, and anywhere there is an opportunity. Plus, you’re not at the mercy of the weather. Waterproof, weathertight, and able to be insulated and temperature controlled, shipping containers from Linked Equipment keep you, your inventory, and customers perfectly safe and comfortable.

Turn a shipping container into your next storefront!

Mobile storefronts allow merchandise to remain inside for a move, saving a great deal of time and work. The space can be expanded to meet growing requirements without major construction and mess. Outfit your perfect storefront with everything you need, including kitchens, bathrooms, showers, electrical outlets, lights, door locks, HVAC, non-slip floors and so much more. No matter how unique or challenging your specifications, Linked Equipment looks forward to providing a turnkey completion without delay, hassle, or any question of value.

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