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Maximize comfort, efficiency and affordability of campground housing with modular shipping containers. Linked Equipment has modified thousands of shipping containers to customized applications, including remote living units. They are built to last, withstand the weather and minimize maintenance, carbon footprint and turnaround of completion. We offer the excellence of finishes, fixtures and features that create simple and satisfying solutions.

Camp Comfortably With Mobile Campground Pods

Linked Equipment ships nationwide and our containers are wonderfully portable. They can be safely stacked for your choice of configuration and outfitted with insulation, lighting, electrical outlets, plumbing for the kitchen and bath, heating and cooling, windows, doors and so much more. Our years of experience translate into a simple and rewarding design process, where we ensure you’re totally happy with every detail.

Shipping Container Solutions From Linked Equipment

Take advantage of turnkey campground housing from Linked Equipment. Get in touch with us at 602-314-6020 for a free quote or arrange an appointment with our team of designers. For all complexities of plans, projects and purposes, we accommodate your specifications, timeline and budget without compromising quality. We can’t wait to share the unmatched benefits of shipping containers.

Modular Campground Housing, Mobile Campground Housing & Modular Housing Solutions

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Mobile Campground Housing, Modular Campground Housing & Campground Housing Solutions

Modular Campground UnitMobile Campground HousingModular Housing Solutions