Hospital Overflow

Linked Equipment continues to expand and demonstrate the nearly endless uses and benefits of shipping containers. We work with hospitals and health-care facilities to solve problems related to overflow. We provide helpful additions to existing space, creating both extra storage as well as self-sufficient and functioning hospitals and housing with very minimal time and money invested. Versatile, durable and portable, modified containers are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

Modular Hospital Overflow Solutions

The mobility of shipping containers allows them to be transported into remote locations, difficult situations and harsh conditions quickly and easily. They are also wonderfully customizable. For hospitals faced with a shortage of beds or need for greater treatment facilities, containers can be outfitted as needed. Vaccination centers, blood donation facilities, surgical rooms, isolation wards, temporary ICUs, patient housing, staff housing and wherever extra square footage is required, Linked Equipment answers with nationwide shipping, turnkey solutions and quick turnaround.

Meet Hospital Needs With Shipping Containers From Linked Equipment

Transported to the chosen site, shipping containers are a better alternative to traditional construction. Withstanding sweltering heat as well as freezing cold, the materials are sturdy, rust-resistant and built to last. They are incredibly secure, energy efficient, and adaptable. When you work with Linked Equipment, we guide you through each decision to achieve your goals and satisfaction. We’re happy to explain options, accommodate the complexities of your requirements and provide a quality of outcome that sets unmatched standards.

Hospital Overflow Shipping Containers, Medical Storage Shipping Containers & Mobile Hospital Overflow Solutions

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Mobile Hospital Overflow Solutions, Medical Storage Shipping Containers & Hospital Overflow Solutions

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