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After a decade of designing, engineering, and manufacturing dynamic ISBU’s (Intermodular Steel Building Units), Linked Equipment has spent the last five years pioneering the safest and most technologically sophisticated modular grow pods on the market.

Grow Pod Construction

Emerging as your grow pod specialists, our turnkey containers avoid the stress and frustration of missing crucial deadlines and going over budget due to lengthy construction processes. Along with swift turnaround, our plug and play containers arrive ready for you to start generating revenue immediately.

Grow Pod Solutions, Grow House & Growth

Completely customizable, cost-effective, sustainable, weathertight, waterproof, and versatile, we deliver ready-to-go Grow Pods fully equipped with light, dehumidifiers, HVAC, CO2, electric, plumbing, and more. Our quality systems get you up and running in a fraction of the time of a conventional buildout. Rest assured, our systems have all undergone a 3rd party engineering peer review and are accepted throughout the necessary markets.

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Fully sealed, self-contained options from Linked Equipment are fully automated and include advanced controls to precisely manage and maintain the container at optimal conditions for agricultural requirements. By managing all of the atmospheric variables associated with cultivation, we can duplicate the identical environment from container to container, no matter what kind of plants you’re growing. Our dry rooms and grow rooms allow you to increase your yields through the perfect cultivation environment. Contact Linked Equipment at 602-314-6020 for helpful service.

Core Benefits of Our Products


At Linked Equipment, safety is always the number one priority. Our sealed, self-contained buildings are protected by state-of-the-art automation systems, allowing precise management and remote monitoring from virtually anywhere. Each of our professionally engineered facilities is not only the perfect environment for your specific needs but has also undergone a third-party engineering review that has been stamped for approval in mechanical, structural, fire, and electrical.

Customizable & Integrated

We meet the unique needs of your business with containers customized to size, quantity, layout, electrical demands, storage, extraction lab capabilities, and more. Fully integrated with state-of-the-art automation systems, our units support remote access to your extraction lab, grow pod, storage unit, or office space from virtually anywhere.

Expert Engineering

We produce the safest, automated turnkey facilities through extensive experience and expertise. Consisting of engineers, farmers, chefs, and extraction artists, our team tailors solutions specific to the farming industry. Familiarity with codes and regulations in multiple states enables us to provide engineered stamped drawings necessary for city, county, and state requirements. Each of our professionally engineered facilities has undergone a third-party engineering review.

Mass Production

Stack containers to take advantage of metric feet and maximize your real estate. Interconnect our containers and fully integrate them. Take advantage of outstanding versatility. From a custom blueprint of your container requirements, our team provides multiple options to expand your business and its space.


Our containers are completely and conveniently mobile. Need to relocate? No problem. Simply unbolt the container from the ground and take it to the new location. Set it up, plug it in, and you’re fully functional and back in production that quickly.

Speed to Market

Eliminate the frustrations and expense of months of constructions, missing crucial deadlines, and going over budget with our turnkey containers. Our streamlined solutions allow generation of revenue without delay and get you to market quicker than your competitors.

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