Adaptive repurposing, modular design and affordability make shipping containers ideal for medical use. The concept is not new. They are found all over the world and were commonly used as quarantine solutions during the pandemic. Lightweight materials, a small footprint and accommodating a variety of requirements, the quick turnaround of design and setup is an ideal opportunity to expand hospital space fast.

Innovative Medical Quarantine Solutions

Linked Equipment creates nearly endless configurations, including self-standing groups of pods or connected spaces, housing all the necessary equipment and amenities for a quarantine facility. Beds, ventilators, monitors, heating, cooling, electricity, bathrooms and kitchens accommodate comfort, efficiency, safety and everyday needs. Glass windows bring in natural light and allow visitors to see their loved ones without risking infection.

Quarantine With Shipping Containers From Linked Equipment

Shipping containers from Linked Equipment open up incredible opportunities for expansion of medical facilities without excessive costs and materials. These turn-key quarantine solutions can be easily dropped in the perfect location or moved around and repurposed. More and more health professionals interested in new and innovative ideas for their practices are discovering the many benefits of partnering with Linked Equipment. We put our experience, insight and skills to work for you, achieving your goals smoothly, swiftly and successfully.

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