Modular Workshop Solutions

Are you thinking about adding a separate workshop structure to your property? Linked Equipment has innovative results for your workshop needs. Using intermodular steel building units (ISBUs) or better known as shipping containers, our team can fully customize these containers specific to your needs. Keep your tools and projects organized. Having a dedicated workshop space will improve your efficiency and allow for your creative ideas to flow freely.

Modular Workshop Solutions, Workshops from Shipping Containers & Shipping Container Workshops

Linked Equipment is proud to offer fast shipping to anywhere throughout the country. You’ll soon have your very own workshop space without having to go through the time consuming permit process. Brick and mortar buildings can take a long time to build, with many facets needed. Our shipping containers are just as durable and safe for use. With work performed by our trained and certified engineers, they are able to make any necessary adjustments that are needed to fulfill your goal.

Workshops made from Shipping Containers

Focusing on offering residential and commercial customers with viable facility solutions that you can always rely on. We offer exemplary customer service throughout the ordering and installation process. Should you run into any issues after installation, we are always available for customized assistance. Allow our team to amaze you with the flexibility that our shipping containers offer.

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Modular Workshop Solutions, Shipping Container Workshops & Workshops from Shipping Containers

Modular Workshop SolutionsWorkshops from Shipping ContainersShipping Container Workshops