CO2 Extraction Labs

Optimal CO2 extraction lab in the form of a safe, secure, and efficient converted shipping container.

CO2 Extraction Labs

CO2 is a highly versatile solvent used in hemp extraction. CO2 is a popular solvent because it is easy to extract from the final product, allowing for a single extraction and a very pure, high-quality extract product. Because of its versatility, it can be extracted from the product at many points during the extraction process which allows the user to produce a wide array of products, very quickly. Needless to say, CO2 extraction is very popular which is why Linked Equipment has designed the optimal CO2 extraction lab in the form of a safe, secure, and efficient converted shipping container.

Converted Shipping Containers as CO2 Extraction Labs

At Linked Equipment, we specialize in converting, engineering, and building shipping containers into Intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBUs). These ISBUs are professionally engineered for the <a href="/cbd/"CBD/hemp industry and are fully automated, state-of-the-art CO2 extraction labs. Our CO2 extraction labs are specifically engineered to support safe and efficient extraction operations through faster time-to-market, easy scalability, configuration versatility, and safety compliance.

Safe & Secure CO2 Extraction Labs

Linked Equipment knows just how important safety and security is when working with extracts. Our CO2 extraction labs have undergone 3rd party engineering peer review and are accepted in all legalized markets. Additionally, we are very intentional about designing extremely safe extraction pods which is why they are fully equipped units with gas detection systems, ignition source controls, interlocked electrical and emergency systems, and ventilation for extraction fan systems and dilution. Linked Equipment can work with you to customize your optimal CO2 extraction lab and get it to you faster than traditional lab builds so that you can start producing high-quality CO2 extracts in a safe and secure environment as soon as possible!

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