Container Homes

Touch Outside, Comfy Inside

We start with a super-strong steel containers frame and create a home or home office that will be there indefinitely that is cozy and comfortable to live in. We use commercial grade everything so it feels like a home, not like a mobile home.

Shipping Container Homes Are Here

These modules can arrive fully stocked or bare bones. Due to easing restrictions around backyard homes, there is a massive opportunity for homeowners to add that needed permanent structure. Linked Equipment creates turnkey custom homes, backyard offices, pools, workshops, cookie-cutter affordable homes, storage sheds and much more using steel shipping containers. Working with design specialists, each customer can describe a custom living environment that fits their space and budget

Better For Homeowners

Architectural, Civil, and MEPS plans typically cost a decent chunk of your build budget, and many people do not know where to obtain these services. When you work with Linked Equipment, we have engineers that work with us to provide proper plans which are needed to get your permit. Linked Equipment takes on many of the challenges associated with a second unit. Our engineers worry about all mechanical, structural, electrical, safety, and fire standards.

We build to industrial standards, so our homes are safe and secure and feel like homes, not prefabricated mobile homes. When the homeowner is ready, we will build and ship it to their property and gently place it right on a pad. We are not just selling a building. We are going to do everything in our power to make it easier for the homeowner and help them succeed from start to finish. Repeat customers make up half our business.

Affordable Homes (ADUS)

Affordable homes vary in shape and size, containing everything someone needs to live, including a kitchen, bathroom, and place to sleep. They typically range from 220 square-foot studios to 1,000 square foot houses with multiple bedrooms. Most states have requirements around allowable sizes. Usually, the second living space is not allowed to be larger than your main home.

Why Shipping Containers?

  • ISBU steel container construction is affordable and does not require new land or infrastructure, just a pad, and hookups.
  • Second Units are a good investment because they have a short payback period and increase a home’s resale value.
  • Recent changes to many state laws have made the process easier and more streamlined
  • More properties are eligible for a second unit, parking requirements reduced, and fees have been lowered.
  • Our standardized 20 ft and 40 ft homes fall within most city/state ADU building requirements.

Why A Second Home?

  • Flexible Space – Homeowner’s needs may change over time. A second dwelling allows for flexibility and adapts to new demands over time such as a growing family, a workspace, or a live-in nanny.
  • To help pay the mortgage – Second units offer a steady source of rental income.
  • Housing for relatives – second units allows homeowners with adult children, aging relatives, or relatives with special needs to live together and maintain privacy.
  • Downsizing – Some homeowners build a second unit for themselves, often in retirement, while renting the primary dwelling.
  • Backyard Workspace / Living Space – With more people working from home, some people have added their new office or workspace in their backyard as a second dwelling unit.
  • Isolation for COVID Infected Family – We provide affordable housing with air filtration and an entryway (a personal isolation house) for loved ones that may be infected.
What’s Included?
  • Insulated office with R-13 Insulation
  • Dual pane vinyl windows
  • Heavy duty fire rated insulated door(s)
  • A/C with heating
  • Electrical Package: lights, plugs, switches.
  • Breaker box, exterior junction box
  • Plumbing package
  • Painted drywall
  • Available Upgrades
  • Additional windows/doors/skylights
  • Upgrade A/C with heat
  • Flooring upgrade
  • Custom cladding/insulation upgrade
  • Additional outlets, lights, switches
  • Interior texture coat & paint
  • Vinyl coated wall panels
  • Off-grid package (solar/self-contained)
  • Off-Grid Homes

  • Rugged / permanent
  • Solar powered
  • Self contained
  • Goes anywhere
  • Easy Installation
  • About Linked Equipment

    Linked Equipment will walk you through who, what, how, how much, and why you should get involved in the creation and use of an affordable container home from Linked Equipment.

    Most importantly, we will explain the expertise behind all Linked Equipment decisions and why we are your one-stop shop to simplify and streamline the process of adding a second dwelling unit. Linked Equipment is a reconstructed containers company dedicated to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBUs).

    When we began as a company over 10 years ago, we specialized on creating buildings out of used shipping containers. We believe in the reuse of materials and sustainability is at the core of our cause. Shipping containers provide an excellent resource for manufacturing new structures, whether building an office, a storage facility, a bathroom, or a homeless shelter.

    Our experience increased and our versatility broadened as our business expanded. Four years ago, we stepped into the world of hemp production and have not looked back since.

    Real-World Experience

    Deciding to design homes entirely from shipping containers has provided a world of opportunity for both us and our customers. We are well-versed in the unique needs and problems of creating a comfortable, efficient space. Check with your county and let us know what you are allowed to build and leave the rest to us!

    Our specialty is the personalized creation of well-designed buildings from ISBUs (Steel Containers). They are tough as steel and because of their modular design they can be combined into any configuration imaginable just like Legos! Add-ons are easy as is moving your home if you want to take it with you when you move.

    Getting Started
    • Get In Touch – Contact the Linked team, you’ll receive a free consultation to assess your equipment needs. From there, we will identify your specific requirements and advise how best to build your custom unit. Our team will provide a quote with drawings to map out.
    • Delivery – Your dedicated Linked service team will deliver your custom unit, equipped with all of the requested specs and technology from your on-site visit. Our team will walk you through the mechanics of the unit and address any questions.
    • Support – Our team is available and ready to address any service needs as you get started with your building. We aim to please!
    • Check with your local county to see what permits are needed where you live and what size building you are allowed to have on your property.
    • Talk with one of our specialists to choose one of our design options or we can help you design a unique high-end boutique home.
    • Many options and packages to choose from.
    • We will design, build, and deliver a structure that meets or exceeds your county permitting requirements.
    • Ships easily, delivered to your pas. Easy hookup via easy access back panel.

    • Half of our business is repeat customers because we stand behind our homes.

    Linked Equipment is on your side from beginning to end. Someone who knows what they are doing throughout the home building process makes everything go more smoothly

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