Industrial Hemp Extraction

Process up to 3,000 lbs. of biomass in a 10-hour shift using only a 1,500 square-foot footprint.

Through collaboration, Linked Equipment and Capna Systems have developed a turnkey modular solution for industrial hemp extraction. Together with Capna’s Automated Large Ethanol System (ATLES) and Linked Equipment’s dynamic intermodular steel modules, they have developed a turnkey lab that can process up to 3,000 lbs. of biomass in a 10-hour shift using only a 1,500 square-foot footprint.

Industrial Hemp Extraction Lab Solutions

As your company grows, Capna Systems and Linked Equipment modules are both designed to scale right along with you. If your capacity needs outpace your operation, you can easily expand your throughput by adding components from preexisting Capna® Extraction Platforms, including their premier Atles and Ares systems. Capna has a “design-for-scalability” operational philosophy that allows operators to plug-and-play Capna® hardware and scales their extraction process. Read more about Capna’s ATLES here.

Industrial Hemp Extraction, Hemp Extraction Solutions & Hemp Traction Solution

Count on Linked Equipment for Safe Industrial Hemp Extraction Lab Builds!

Linked Equipment provides the finished steel C1D2 and C1D1 laboratories for the Capna equipment. Linked Equipment modules are designed to work together (linked), so as your company grows you can easily add modules as you need them. Working with Capna, Linked Equipment has designed turnkey modular containers to house a complete extraction facility that can take you right down to distillate or isolate depending on what your end product is. We have even added a room for THC remediation. We have designed room to grow (space set aside to add additional components to the module for increased throughput). As your needs grow you can add more ATLES and ARES components without having to run out and immediately buy more modules to house them in. By using modular prefab units you can be operational in a fraction of the time of a traditional build.

For more information on the Capna/Linked Equipment turnkey processing labs, contact us here or call 602-314-6020 today!

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Hemp Traction Solution, Hemp Extraction Lab & Industrial Hemp Extraction

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