Hydrocarbon Extraction Labs

Fully-equipped cannabis extraction and processing units.

Easily scalable, cost-effective and quick to market

Hydrocarbon Extraction Lab solutions

Hydrocarbon Extraction Labs

Hydrocarbon extraction is a method used to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Hydrocarbon extraction is a highly effective extraction method but it can also be dangerous if not conducted in the optimal environment. At Linked Equipment, we engineer and build Intermodular Steel Building Units from converted shipping containers to create effective and efficient C1D1 hydrocarbon extraction labs. Our hydrocarbon extraction labs are state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced cannabis extraction labs that are easily scalable, can be configured in a number of ways, are cost-effective, and offer our clients a faster time-to-market than traditional lab builds.

Safe & Secure Hydrocarbon Extraction Labs

Linked Equipment prioritizes both quality and safety. Our hydrocarbon extraction labs have undergone engineering review and are accepted in all legalized markets. And, depending on state and county regulations, our extraction labs can be built to code for a C1D1 or C1D2 structure. All of our extraction labs are extremely safe and secure. Our labs are fully-equipped cannabis extraction and processing units that contain interlocking electrical and emergency systems, ignition source controls, gas detection systems, and ventilation for both dilution and extraction fan systems

Hydrocarbon Extraction Labs Key Features:
  • Materials – All of our Extraction Lab Pods are built from durable steel high-cube ISO ‘Wind and Water Tight’ shipping containers. New shipping containers are also available
  • Man Access Doors – Entry doors are industrial strength steel doors with panic bar and optional observation windows
  • Internal Flooring – We only use high-quality Static Free Vinyl flooring to insure no static electricity in the lab
  • Internal Finishing – Inside walls insulated with a Vapor seal and Flame resistant Mineral wool with a layer of 5/8 Gypsum type X Sheet rock for a 1 hour fire rating (2 hour available)
  • Clean Room Finish – Using Class A FRP gloss white panels, we create a laboratory clean room fit and finish
  • Electricals – Electrical components, lighting, and controls are designed to meet C1D1 safety requirements to eliminate these components as potential ignition sources
  • Heating/Cooling System – Custom configured for your Pre-Fab Lab and local climate in either C1D1 or C1D2 ratings
  • C1D1 or C1D2 Overhead LED Task Lighting – Energy efficient and built for safety in C1D1 work zones
  • Emergency Strobe and Horn – Audible and Visual Alarms that are trigged in Emergency situations, required by code
  • Optional External Sensor Monitor – Displays the environmental conditions inside the lab while you’re still outside
  • Eye Wash Stations – Stand-alone manual bottles to units connected to your facility’s existing water supply
  • Evacuation Fan System – In the event of an unsafe atmospheric condition, evacuates and replaces the lab air in seconds
  • Fire Suppression – Fire is always unexpected and devastating. Minimize the risk and damage, fire safety is critical
  • Keyless Entry – One of many security features integrated into our product line
  • C1D1 or C1D2 Outlets – Specially designed and built specifically for C1D1 & C1D2 work areas
  • Security Doors – Industrial steel construction with Keyless Entry and ‘push to exit’ PANIC bar for a quick and easy exit in an emergency
  • Emergency Shunt System – Shuts off all electric, HCAC and motors in emergency situations where gas is detected above a 10-25% LEL
  • Automatic Transfer Switch – In case of power failure emergency power is kicked on in matter of seconds
  • Fire Free 88 Paint – Paint on the outside of the container that can give and additional 1-2 hour fire rating
Core benefits of Our

Hydrocarbon Extraction Labs

Speed to market

The turnkey containers eliminate the headache of missing crucial deadlines and going over budget due to months of construction. Our plug and play containers will allow you to start generating revenue immediately and get you to market faster than your competitors.

Customizable & Integrated

Our units are fully customizable to your business’ needs across size, quantity, layout, electrical needs, storage, extraction lab capabilities and more. Our units are fully integrated with state-of-the-art automation systems, allowing you to access your extraction lab, grow pod, storage unit or office space from an offsite location.


The beauty of our containers is that they are completely mobile. If you need to relocate for any reason, all you have to do is unbolt the container from the ground and take it with you. Once you are at your new location just set them up, plug them in and you are fully functional once again.

Expert Engineering

We have put together the finest group of technical experts consisting of engineers, farmers, chefs, and extraction artists to produce the safest, automated turn-key facilities for the Cannabis Industry. Our team has extensive experience dealing with codes and regulations in multiple States. This allows us to provide each of our cannabis facilities with engineered stamped drawings necessary for City, County, and State requirements. All of our systems have been professionally engineered and have undergone a 3rd party engineering review which has been stamped to be accepted by the legal states for mechanical, structural, electrical and fire.

Mass production

Our containers allow you to take advantage of metric feet, with the ability to stack containers to maximize your real estate. If stacking is not an option, our containers are able to be interconnected and fully integrated with one another. Once the custom blueprint is set for your container needs, our team is able to create multiple versions to expand your business and its space.

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