Chromatography Extraction Labs

Chromatography extraction labs that allow for specific and controlled cannabidiol extraction.

Fully Equipped Chromatography Extraction Labs

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has recently exploded in popularity due to becoming nationally legalized. CBD is the non-psychoactive component that can be extracted from the cannabis plant completely separate from THC (psychoactive component) for a wide array of medicinal applications. Because pure CBD oil contains no THC, it will not get you high and will only offer the medical benefits of the cannabis plant. At Linked Equipment, we have engineered and built chromatography extraction labs to allow for specific and controlled cannabidiol extraction in a safe and secure lab environment. Our chromatography extraction labs are specifically built for the <a href="/cbd/"CBD industry from converted shipping containers into what are known as ISBUs (Intermodular Steel Building Units).

How Does Chromatography Work?

Chromatography is a purification and analytical technique used in laboratories around the world for a myriad of applications. An American chemist, David Talbot Day, first noticed crude oil separating into bands of color as it seeped through clay. Three years later, in 1900, chromatography was used by the Russian-Italian chemist Mikhail Tsvete to separate plant pigments into their contributing chemicals, such as chlorophyll (green), xanthophylls (yellow), and carotenes (orange).

Chromatography CBD Extraction Lab Construction

Chromatography is a means of separating and purifying all chemical compounds and utilizing their variance in properties. Liquid, column, or flash chromatography is an effective and efficient method to purify a substance from a complex mixture (a natural extract or chemical reaction) by passing it through silicon dioxide (silica), which is an inert solid. Because of different degrees of attraction or stickiness to the silica, the individual compounds in the mixture will pass through it at independent rates.

Linked Equipment Chromatography Extraction Labs

Our fully equipped chromatography labs feature ignitions controls, gas detection systems, ventilation for both dilution and extraction fan systems, and interlocked electrical and emergency systems.

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