Mobile Hemp Extraction

Set up and start extracting in hours instead of months.

Equipped with Capna Atles Ethanol Extraction System

The Linked Equipment and Capna® Systems joint effort provide a full turnkey and modular extraction lab equipped with Capna’s ethanol extraction system. The solution fits into two modules that easily load onto a truck trailer to be delivered wherever you need it. Set up and start extracting in hours instead of months.

Unprecedented Performance & Convenience

If you’re looking for an extraction facility that’s scalable, fully integrated, and efficient, the Capna® Design Process offers the perfect, customized solution. Capna doesn’t just sell systems, they provide solutions.

Safe and Secure Mobile Hemp Extraction

These systems are designed for safety and security with interlocking electrical and emergency systems, ignition source controls, gas detections systems, and ventilation for both dilution and extraction fan systems. Our mobile labs provide customers with a faster time-to-market than traditional lab build-outs in a safe and controlled environment that is more than effective for hemp extraction and processing.

Begin Extracting the Day the Truck Arrives

Our ethanol extraction labs are built-in ISBUs (Intermodular Steel Building Units). They are fully automated, state-of-the-art ethanol extraction labs professionally engineered to ensure compliance in all legalized markets. Additionally, the solution has undergone an engineering review to provide our customers with the highest quality technologically advanced ethanol extraction labs possible.

Mobile Hemp Extraction, Hemp Extraction Solutions & Hemp Extraction Solution

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Mobile Hemp Extraction, Hemp Extraction Solution & Hemp Extraction Solutions

Mobile Hemp ExtractionHemp Extraction SolutionsHemp Extraction Lab