Our professional engineers transform shipping containers into state-of-the-art CBD extraction labs.

The national legalization of CBD in numerous markets has led to a swift expansion of extraction labs. Developing a successful CBD extraction business requires a dedicated, safe, and secure lab space, and the startup investment is often considerable. Taking a modern, innovative approach to growing demands, Linked Equipment provides a cost-effective and efficient solution with converted shipping containers.

Bringing Innovative Solutions to the CBD Industry

We specialize in the professional design and build of safe, secure, and technologically advanced Intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBUs) transformed into state-of-the-art CBD extraction labs. At a fraction of the cost and a much swifter turnaround than traditional lab builds, our products have undergone extensive engineering review, ensuring exceptional quality, durability, and sustainability. With full customization, we offer several configurations, streamlining time to market and allowing for easy expansion.

CBD Extraction Lab Construction & CBD Extraction Solutions

Linked Equipment has experience with the array of solvents and equipment required in the extraction process. Recognizing the potential dangers, our systems are built to code and optimized specifically for the CBD and hemp industries.

We’re Dedicated to Building Top Quality Facilities for Your CBD Operation!

Committed to producing the safest CBD extraction labs and processing rooms, Linked Equipment includes protective features such as interlocked electrical and emergency systems, ignition source controls, gas detection systems, and ventilation for both dilution and extraction fan systems. Depending on state and county regulations, our containers can be built to code for C1D1 and C1D2 labs. Meeting your specifications and fulfilling your goals, Linked Equipment offers free quotes.

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